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Executive Board

Mother Mardest VanHooks
Supervisor, Department of Women

Mother Mardest VanHooks

Supervisor, Department of Women

Born to Deacon Harvey Knowles and District Missionary Mardest D. Knowles (Harris) in Memphis, Tennessee, Mother Mardest VanHooks is a lifelong member of the Calvary Church of God in Christ.  She was saved at age 15.  She graduated as Valedictorian of Douglass High School and was approached by the NAACP to challenge the Supreme Court Decision out-lawing segregation in Public Schools; specifically, Memphis State College (later The University of Memphis) along with four other students.  As a result of the lawsuit, in 1959, the first black students were admitted to Memphis State!

Mother VanHooks is married to Deacon William VanHooks, Sr.  They are proud parents of 4 sons and 3 daughters, 21 grandchildren and several great-grandchildren.

Returning to school after being married 12 years, Mother VanHooks received her Bachelor of Science Degree from LeMoyne Owen College and in 1986 her Masters of Art in Teaching from Memphis State.  She taught in Memphis City Schools for 30 years.  Twenty-seven (27) of those years were spent at Craigmont High School teaching Math and a special elective class known as “Washington.” This class which she was blessed to start became a required class for 8th grade History students.  She sponsored the Jr. High Pep Club and was faculty Representative to MEA, where she served as a delegate to State and National Conventions of NEA for more than 20 years. She retired from Memphis City Schools in 2000.

Mother VanHooks has been the recipient of numerous secular and spiritual awards.  She presently serves as her pastor’s personal secretary and conducts the weekly Tuesday and Saturday prayer at Calvary as well as special “Day with the Lord”, a day of Fasting, Prayer, workshops and visitation.  She served as District Missionary for C.C. Knox Memorial District for 30 years as well as a special assistant to the International District Missionary President.  She also teaches English and Public Speaking at All Saints Bible College.

Mother VanHooks was the Executive Secretary of the TN 5th Jurisdiction from 1988-1993. She became administrative assistant in 1994 to then Jurisdictional Supervisor of Women, Mother Ernestine R. Lipford and Executive Assistant in 2014. She has been teaching the Missionary Candidates Institute (MCI) class since 1994. In May 2017, under the leadership of Bishop Jerry Wayne Taylor, Mother VanHooks was appointed Supervisor Designate of Women for Tennessee Fifth Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. During the 110th Church of God in Christ Holy Convocation, Mother VanHooks was officially capped, installed and recognized as Supervisor of Women of Tennessee Fifth Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction.

Her highest desire is to please God as she promotes holiness to individuals wherever the Lord delegates. She loves God and all of His People!

Mother Ernestine Lipford
Supervisor Emerita, Department of Women

Mother Ernestine Lipford

Supervisor Emerita, Department of Women

Ernestine Royal Lipford, the eldest of eight siblings, was born to the late Mrs. Annie Royal and Ernest Royal, June 5, 1937, in Shaw, Mississippi. Saved and filled with the Holy Ghost in her youth, she has been a lifelong member of the Church of God in Christ.

Although her family lived in abject poverty on the “turn rows” of the Mississippi Delta, Ernestine’s parents made certain that she became wealthy in spiritual knowledge. Mom and Dad taught their children well at home and at church.

Her father, Deacon Ernest Royal, died when Ernestine was about fifteen (15) years old. His death was not a deterrent to her spiritual and educational development. For two years later, shortly before turning 17, she graduated from Gentry High School in Indianola, Mississippi, as Valedictorian of her class. She thereafter continued her education and matriculated from Alcorn A&M College, Magna Cum Laude, with a Bachelor’s degree in English. She served as an educator in this field for thirteen (13) years.

In 1976 Ernestine Royal married Elder Jesse J. Lipford, instantly becoming a mother of seven (7), John Arthur (Shirley), Kalessa Ann (Leroy), Sherrill Renee, Reginald Quinez, Pervania LaFaye (Wendell), Bruce Dewayne (YarKeisha), and Surdoncus Shanta’. In 1977 she became a biological mother of a son, Jesse Ernescius, bringing the number to eight (8). She is also blessed to see her fourth generation, being both a grandmother and a great-grandmother of many.

As a soldier in the army of the Lord, Mother Ernestine Lipford has provided indefatigable service to God and His people throughout her life. She currently serves as the First Lady of Lakeview Community Temple COGIC and as a teacher of the Senior Women’s Sunday School class. Additionally, she is the Supervisor of Tennessee Fifth Jurisdiction’s Women’s Department serving under Prelate, Bishop Jerry W. Taylor.

Despite her bevy of accomplishments and achievements, Mother Lipford yet maintains that her highest ambition is to see the Lord’s face in peace.

Mother Pearlie Jenkins

Administrative Assistant

Mother Georgia Macklin-Lowe

Administrative Assistant

Mother Mary Washington

Administrative Assistant

Missionary Gloria Taylor

First Lady and Minister’s Wives President

Missionary Helen Lewellen

CWC President

Missionary Dorothy McNeal


Missionary Toxis St. Clair

Purity Department President

Mrs. Johnnie Briggs

Corresponding Secretary

Missionary Norma Smith

Sunshine Band President

Missionary Pledge

I believe in the doctrine of this, the Church of God in Christ, as it is interpreted by our founder, Bishop C.H. Mason, and perpetuated by the ministers of said church to be doctrines of the Holy Bible. As a Missionary, I pledge my loyalty to this church, and its doctrine pledging to teach faithfully, and no other as long as I hold its license.

I further pledge my loyalty to the leadership of this church, always holding them in honor and esteem. I also pledge my obedience, and service to the best of my ability, according to the education of the dedication of the scriptures.

District Missionaries

Missionary Gloria Hilliard

Missionary Annie Hudson

Missionary Anzetta Buford

Missionary Charity Carpenter

Missionary Lena Vester

Missionary Shirlie Sims

Missionary Glendora Beard

Missionary Mary Washington

Missionary Glossy Bell

Missionary Lorett Snipes

Missionary Linda Williams

Missionary Pearlie Jenkins

Missionary Ella Jones

General Officers

Mother Pearlie Jenkins

Financial Secretary

Missionary Jessie Ford

Pulpit Coordinator

Missionary Sharon Woods

Financial Secretary

Missionary Rosetta Craddock

Prayer Warriors

Missionary Doris Shelley

Lead Adjutant Sister

Missionary Helen Lewellen

CWC President

Missionary Jeannie Nickols

Jurisdictional Hospitality President

Missionary Melanie Smith

Public Relations President

Missionary Toxis St. Clair

Jurisdictional Purity President

Missionary Patricia Mosby

Sick Committee

Missionary Norma Smith

Jurisdictional Sunshine Band President

Missionary Martha Davis

Nurses’ Unit